About Us


Founded in 2004, ESPADA is a leading worldwide security and logistics support company. Since the beginning, ESPADA redefined the industry by delivering innovative solutions for our customers. 

We are a trusted partner to each of our customers. We deliver high-quality professionals equipped with the latest in training and technology. We institute proven management strategies to provide unparalleled communication and support. 

ESPADA provides our clients with critical, country-specific expertise. 

We are committed to: 

⮚ Delivering innovative and continuous improvement; with best-in-class local and regional services responsive to your dynamic environment and customized for your evolving needs 

⮚ Presenting a consistent, high standard of performance through a standardized Quality Control Program 

⮚ Providing value added options to drive efficiencies, through the introduction of 

technologically advanced solutions, designed to lower your cost of operations